Contractors for Spray Foam Insulation in Seattle, WA

Emerald City Spray Foam provides Icynene spray foam insulation, which has been tested and verified as an air barrier material and is suitable for new construction and re-insulation projects.
It expands into hard-to-reach cracks and crevices and decreases air loss to offer you with maximum comfort at the lowest possible expense.

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insulation project and require professional spray foam insulation contractors. Allow our
insulation professionals to demonstrate why spray foam insulation is the best answer for you,
then install it properly so you can start saving and living more comfortably!

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The Insulation Installation Process

Once you’ve decided to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of your home with Emerald City Spray Foam insulation, we’ll be there every step of the way, from the initial phone contact to the post-installation review.


When you contact Emerald City Spray Foam Insulation, you will speak with a live human, not an automated machine. During our conversation, we'll answer any questions you have and, if you're interested, we'll set up a free home consultation.


We'll come to your house to analyze, educate, and identify the most energy-efficient solution for your house after we confirm our appointment 24-hours in advance!


Our installation procedure normally takes one day and is completed with little mess. During installation, we respect your home as if it were our own, and we make sure the area is well cleaned. Following that, we ndertake a post-installation evaluation.


Our walk-through phase takes place on the same day as the installation and allows us to explain everything we accomplished. We want to make sure you're satisfied with the job and handle any further paperwork, such as payment.

Ensure Satisfaction

We call you 48 hours after completion to guarantee your happiness and present a customer satisfaction survey to help us improve our performance.

Call us now! Cause here at Emerald City Spray Foam, we all got your insulation needs.

Spray Foam Insulation Frequently Asked Questions

When you consider the long-term benefits, the upfront expense of spray foam insulation is well worth the expenditure.

While it is feasible to install spray foam insulation on your own, our insulation professionals do not consider it a do-it-yourself job. Because the procedure needs expertise, understanding, and the necessary instruments, it is better to leave it to the specialists.

Yes, spray foam may be sprayed in existing walls; however, the drywall must be removed before the foam can be put.

● Basements
● Attics
● Crawlspaces
● New home additions
● Entertainment/media rooms